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Ski Patrol


The Crotched Mountain Ski Patrol is part of the National Ski Patrol System. It is a group of highly dedicated men and women who are skilled in the art of helping injured skiers and snowboarders, as well as maintaining a safe and controlled skiing environment. The National Ski Patrol was started by Minnie Dole at the request of Roger F. Langley. Dole had worked to organize a patrol for The National Ski Championship at Stowe, Vermont. Langley, then the president of the National Ski Association liked what he saw and asked Dole to chair a committee to form a National Ski Patrol like the one they had there. This happened on March of 1938.

The Crotched Mountain Ski Patrol, in the spirit
and dedication to aiding those in need is a
new entity, which will consist of primarily
volunteers who work with a small number of
professional patrollers.

Each year, all Ski Patrollers are trained or
participate in refresher courses in accordance
with national standards. The members are also
CPR certified. We are proud to say that all of
our patrollers meet, and most exceed, the national standard. Training for candidates begins in September.

Anyone interested in joining this dynamic team should contact:

Patrol Director
This is a great opportunity to help others and become part of a energetic and devoted group. Join us and put a whole new dimension into your skiing and life. The Crotched Ski Patrol, it's all downhill from there.